The International Job Dilemma

Job dilemma

Clark University is well known for its diverse community.  Although we are a small school, we try to express our support for diversity through many facets of our University. Each year, the international population on campus increases. But are university resources keeping up with this burgeoning population?

Most of the students on campus are on a budget and a job can help lighten that load. Sometimes, jobs are their only means keeping them in college. Now, students who are American citizens have 3 options: work study jobs, non-work study jobs, and off campus jobs which means they have all of the options available to them. Now, let’s see what options non-citizen international student have: just on campus, non-work study jobs. More than 60% of the options are cut off straight away.

Most of the available positions are not posted on the online forum.  And, even if you get to know about a job once in a blue moon, sometimes you are too late or the employer already has recommendations and favorites. Now, ‘how do I survive in this competitive world of non-work studies?’ you may ask.  Talk, interact and, be persistent. These three things, if done well over a period of time, can land you multiple jobs on campus.

It took me a good one-year to find a job. But, at least I did. You need to talk to people, specially professors and various office managers. Stay in contact with upperclassmen as they have been a part of this game for a long time and they can offer great advice and information. Make connections, personally go and talk to different offices on campus, send emails and stay in touch. They may not have a job for you right away but they will have you in their database and will prefer you to some people as you seemed interested in the job. The trick here is to be persistent and not irritating. You never know when there’s an opening. Never lose hope if you are turned down multiple times, it happens to everyone.

If you’re staying on campus over winter or summer break, contact offices well in advance to let them know that you can help. Most students return home during this time and many places, like the mailroom, are open over the break. This is a great time to get a job.

Also, ask around and make a list of offices and places that usually offer non-work study jobs in advance.  Just stay on top of your game, think ahead and who knows you may just end up with amazing jobs in no time. Getting these jobs is a task, a difficult one. But when done right, all the effort is worth it. Happy job finding!

-Radhika Sharma


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