The Humans Behind Humans of Clark

Humans of clark creators

Humans of Clark is a Facebook page that went live just over a week ago. It has become a well-known page on campus, and I had the opportunity to sit down with the creators of this page to discuss its creation and purpose. Often we assume that people only put their time and energy into things that they are doing for class or for a job, but Jonathan Edelman ’16 and Nainika Grover ’16 are doing this project on their own time without any outside reward. “People often ask us why we’re doing this or what class we’re doing this for, but the truth is that we’re just doing this for fun.” said Jonathan. They found inspiration for this page in the very famous Humans of New York page. “New York is a really big city and it (Humans of New York) does such a good job encapsulating the stories of so many individuals. Clark is such a small community and we often see the same people around campus without really knowing them.” said Jonathan. “I want people to get to know other Clarkies on campus that they didn’t know before through our project” said Nainika.

humans of clark talking

While speaking to them, they both seemed to truly believe in what they were doing. They spoke with such ease and passion while discussing their project. Each of them spends a few hours a day walking around campus. They pick their subjects quite randomly and never choose their friends or even acquaintances to avoid as much bias as possible. “I’ve noticed that strangers are more willing to give me a proper and honest answer”, said Nainika. “I walk through campus and even the library and wait until someone catches my eye.” said Jonathan. “Sometimes I’ll just be eating in the cafe and I’ll see someone and just go up to them and try to ask them a personal question: something that you wouldn’t know just by looking at them.” said Nainika. According to a recent post, the Humans of Clark Facebook page has been viewed in about 20 different languages and in cities all over the country and world in the short time that it has been up. “This is so exciting to us. Seeing all of these people who view our page embodies just how diverse Clark us. It is so great that our small project is reaching so many people and places.” said Nainika. When I asked them what their goal for this project is they gave me an answer that showed me just how much they believe in what they are doing. They expressed, “This project is not about trying to get a certain amount of likes on a page or to raise money or for any class assignment. We’re trying to show the social networking world who Clarkies are. It is really to portray our community and to get to know each other.”

 humans of clark and me

-Annalise Kukor


Photos by Demet Senturk


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