I.T.S. Possible – A movement to Integrate The Sexes

During high school one of my best friends, Sharon, came to realization that she did not identify with being woman. I automatically assumed that if Sharon was not a woman she would, by default, have to identify as a man. I was enlightened when Sharon, whom now goes by ‘Shae’, explained that she did not identify with either of the commonly prescribed sexes, and considers herself gender neutral.
I was confused and a little taken aback, however after talking to Shae about the process of finding herself and her gender neutral identity I couldn’t help but comprehend that Sharon, Shae, had truly found herself.. And I couldn’t be happier for her.
We are all part of a crucial period in history where people are able to better express their identity, sexuality and preferences. The national movement to end segregation and stereotyping between the sexes is gaining momentum, especially in places such as Philadelphia – where gender-neutral restrooms and facilities has now become the law.
As with any movement, the end of gender inequalities requires support from people just like you!
If you are interested in learning more check out the following links!
-Alex Santos

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