A Change in Social Media


Photo from: http://socialcommerceblog.socialannex.com/2013/09/12/facebook-want-grows/

Since its creation in 2004, the purpose and culture of Facebook have changed significantly. Many of us know the story of Facebook’s creation from the 2010 movie The Social Network. It was created in a Harvard dorm room and was initially intended for Harvard students only as a website to judge who is “hot” and who is “not”. It then quickly evolved into a social networking site which spread like wildfire, first to the other ivy league schools and then to universities across the world. Eventually Facebook turned into a worldwide phenomenon that is being used by people 13 and up. It became a great way to connect with friends or family that don’t live nearby and stay updated on their lives. With the advent of the Facebook event and the Facebook group, even more people started to use Facebook for personal social connection. Businesses and companies then started using Facebook to get their messages out and advertise what they were up to.

Within in the last year, Facebook has taken an interesting turn. It has now become a forum for people to post articles and other links that are often educational and intriguing. Every day newsfeeds are filled with current events articles, advocacy campaigns, and memes commenting on commonly shared experiences. This change over to educational sharing has become a sweeping sensation that promotes shared learning and intellectuality. Currently there are over 1 billion people on Facebook. Since so many people are actively on this social networking site, sharing their updates and posting things that interest them, the pace of communication has sped up immensely. Updates on people’s lives that would have taken us weeks to find out about 10 years ago, now takes seconds. We are sharing with one another all over the world at an incredible pace and I can’t wait to see where the culture of Facebook will turn in years to come.

-Annalise Kukor


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