The Humans of the World

Brandon Stanton started a journey in the summer of 2010. He decided to start a Facebook page to capture New York City through photos of its eclectic population. He then started collecting quotes from the people he took photos of and very soon it became one of the most widely viewed blogs. The “Humans of New York” Facebook page now thrives with more than 2 million likes on its’ Facebook page and a bestselling book.

What Brandon Stanton may have not realized then was the amazing ripple effect of his creation. Not too long after the “Humans of New York” page became popular across the U.S. and other parts of the world, many others were inspired to create their own ‘Humans of..’ pages and blogs.

Humans of Bangladesh:

humans of bangladesh                                                           HOB quote

Humans of Rome:


Humans of Rome                                                                                             HOT quote

There are more than 500 pages that were inspired by the “Humans of New York” and each day it keeps growing. Those who created these pages had different reasons for doing so – while some of them wanted to capture their country in a way the mainstream media might not; others just thought it would be a fun thing to do.  The stories and the photos are just as diverse as the intentions of the ones who started these pages. Nonetheless, personally when I come across these ‘Humans of..’ pages I look at is an opportunity to learn something new.

Every photo that I’ve come across has led me to stop believing in a certain stereotype I had pinned onto that region. Every photo unfolds a unique story about someone who I have never met and probably will never meet. But just for those few minutes before I scroll onto another photo I can connect to the person on my screen. Even though we are worlds apart both by distance and culture, I can somehow find a way to empathize with the story I read.

These pages have gone beyond just great photography or framing or great quotes. Every day the world we live in becomes more global, be it through our international trade or high speed internet. These ‘Humans of..’ pages allow us to become more global through the similar emotions we feel as humans. They give us access to a small part of one more person in the world, someone we probably would have never known about.

By: Suaida Firoze 


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