Community Matters: MLK Day Breakfast

ImageOn Monday January 19th, Quinsigamond Community College held the 29th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Breakfast, also known as the Worcester County Community Breakfast. The event celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the “March on Washington,” and what better day to pay respect than on Martin Luther King Day.

The venue was the athletic center of the college, there were around 65 tables and all of them were full. As we walked into the venue, there was a well spread out buffet consisting of some bacon, sausage, muffins and all other components of a good ole’ American breakfast.

The ceremony began with a prelude by the New England Gospel Mass Choir until the crowd settled into their seats. Representatives from Worcester area schools, colleges, businesses, churches and other organizations attended.   The event was hosted by Stacey Luster, Human Resources Manager of the Worcester Public Schools.  She spoke passionately about the role of faith and patriotism in our lives.

            Another speaker was the mayor of Worcester, Joseph Petty.  He talked about ensuring that everyone have equal opportunities and how he plans to work towards this goal. He was followed by our own congressman James McGovern who talked about John Lewis’s experience in the Civil Rights Era in Alabama and Washington D.C. He also expressed concern about the large number of people in the United States who go hungry every day despite the fact that America is one of the richest countries of the world.  He reminded us that this is shameful.

After the speeches and another performance by the gospel choir, the 2014 Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. award winners were announced. he guest speaker was Becker College president Dr. Robert E. Johnson.  He delivered an amazing and motivational speech, emphasizing “the will to win” and urging the crowd to never give up.

The event concluded with everyone holding hands and singing “We Shall Overcome”.  It was a uplifting and emotional experience for everyone. I have to say this event was so different and so much more enjoyable than any other event I have attended in a long time.

– Rhadika Sharma


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