Clark Matters: SAAC Gives Back


This past Monday, the 22nd, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) put on a fundraiser for local Worcester shelters. Volunteers from every Clark athletic team were represented as the student-athlete population came together to make over 70 fleece blankets.The OIA had a chance to ask SAAC president, Josh Kent, a few questions about this fundraiser and the committee as a whole.

-“How did you come to the idea of making blankets as a fundraiser?”

We came up with the idea after attending an NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Conference. Part of the conference involved doing a community service event. We made no-sew blankets and stuffed teddy bears that were then given to a children’s shelter in Providence. The blankets seemed like a simple event that could have a meaningful impact.

– “To which shelters were the blankets donated?”

We made a total of 74 blankets. 50 of them were donated to Abby’s House which is a women’s and children’s shelter in Worcester. The remaining 24 will be donated to Friendly House.

– “What was the overall purpose in putting on this event?”

The overall goal was to encourage athletic participation in a community service effort at a larger level than just teams. As well, we hoped to encourage participation from the larger student body to make this a campus wide effort around a common cause.  We wanted an event that was simple, had a reasonable commitment, encouraged teamwork, and could have a meaningful impact within our community.

– “Should we expect any other SAAC fundraisers in the future?”

Definitely. We are working with MAD to host a dodgeball tournament on February 9th. The proceeds from this event will go to Amanda Mundt’s cause, Opportunities for Communities. There will be student’s tabling next week in the UC to provide more information and registration forms. As well as others throughout the spring semester that we hope will benefit more organizations like Abby’s House.

– “Can you give us a quick summary of what SAAC does?”

Essientially, SAAC’s is meant to provide a student-athlete voice on NCAA legislation votes and in Athletic Departments. However, SAAC takes on a number of other charges on campus’. At Clark, our goal is to help promote a positive-image for student-athletes, have an impact both on campus and in the surrounding community, and help raise awareness of games and generate support at athletic events.

If you are interested in learning more about SAAC, or wondering how to make an easy fleece blanket, follow these links!


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