Our Oceans Matter: Fish Shortage on the Rise

You know the saying that goes “there are plenty of fish in the sea?” Due to a world-wide trend of “overfishing” that might no longer be the case. Fish, the main source of protein for 1.2 million people in the world are being collected and farmed irresponsibly so that we might have to face the collapse of all species of fish by the year 2060.
A huge reason behind this epidemic is “bycatch,” which is unwanted fish and other marine life that is caught during fishing, and then discarded- often left for dead. Eight to twenty-five percent of all caught fish are discarded, which equates to about 27 million tons of fish being thrown out each year.
A large percentage of bycatch comes from a commercial fishing method called “bottom trawling.” Bottom trawling involves a fishing boat dragging massive nets, weighing several tons, along the ocean floor as an attempt to pick up as much fish (and other marine life) as possible. In doing so, these large fishing ships destroy coral reefs and other marine ecosystem communities.
Organizations such as Oceans 2012 and the Save Our Seas Foundation are at the forefront of this issue, presenting us with alarming statistics, spreading awareness, and, of course, fundraising. As the human race we are in a very abusive relationship with our oceans. We need people, such as our readers, to spread the word and start talking about our oceans- because our oceans matter.

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To learn more about the Save Our Oceans Foundation or Oceans 2012, follow these links:

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