Black History Month Blockbusters


The month of February starts the celebration of Black History Month also known as The National African American History month. This annual event celebrates the achievements made by African Americans and highlights their vital role in the making of the United States. Its been a long ongoing tradition since its start in 1976 and now it is officially recognized and celebrated by many more countries than just the U.S.

As a way to celebrate this month, I have decided to start learning more about the history of the African Americans. Personally, as a movie fanatic, I have always learned more by watching movies and documentaries. Yes, the next portion of this post will be dedicated to the AMAZING movie I watched last month– The Butler.

When I saw the trailer for The Butler last spring, I knew right away that it was a must watch! Unfortunately, my trip back home to Bangladesh in the summer made me miss it in theatres and so I had to wait till I could get it on DVD. But I must say it was worth the wait.

The Butler by Lee Daniels is movie inspired by an article by Will Haygood in the Washington Post. Mr.Haygood’s article was about the life of Eugene Allen who worked as a butler in the White House through eight Presidential Administrations. The movie itself is not all facts about Eugene Allen’s experience; nonetheless Lee Daniels does a brilliant job in bringing to life the African American civil rights movement in, as New York Times states, “the bold colors of costume pageantry and the muted tones of domestic drama.” And I must say, as someone who had very little idea about the movement, the movie was informative, engaging and simply entertaining. Personally, I thought the movie was very moving in the way it captured the emotions of those who were active in the revolution and all parties that were being affected by it.

 For anyone looking for a starting point to learn more about what this month is all about- watching The Butler could be a perfect start? It’s also a good movie to just watch with friends who you think would be interested. Happy celebrating! Be aware, learn and share!

Next on my bucket list: 12 Years A Slave and Malcolm X.

-Suaida Firoze


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