Venezuela Matters


Over 50 Clarkies expressed their solidarity to Venezuela on an event last Sunday, February 23rd in the UC. The event was organized in an in informational panel timeline manner. Sponsored by LASO and spearheaded by Julia Carrasquel and Maria Campos, this event was the #voiceofvenezuela in our Clark community.  

So what is happening in Venezuela? Why haven’t I heard of it in the news as much? How can I help? 

 On February 12, Venezuelan’s National Youth Day, students began protests against crime, inflation, food shortages and quality of life; realities the Venezuelan people have increasingly been suffering in the past year. Added to this, national media coverage has been censured and our very own Clarkies have been informed of updates primarily through social media and twitter. 

 Unfortunately, since the day the protests began, over 15 people have lost their lives by the government’s violent reactions to the protests. Due to this, what started as peaceful protests to express the issues at the heart of Venezuela have shifted to protests that call for a paramilitary disarmament and freedom for the students arrested this past weeks.  

We can help by bringing awareness to our communities families,  friends. We can also show our solidarity to Venezuela by posting pictures like the ones below, with the  hashtags #sosvenezuela #imyourvoicevenezuela or #studentsforvzla. 

 – Maryam Esmaeili


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