Women’s History Month: Women That Matter

Officially recognized by the U.S. Congress, Women’s History month celebrates the accomplishments and achievements made by women all across the world. As we start Women’s History Month, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and remember those revolutionary women who had a hand in shaping the lives we live today.

mother teresa


 Mother Teresa (1910-1997) 

She was a Roman Catholic nun who lived in India. She devoted her entire life serving the poor and the helpless. It is commonly said that she only had three Saris (Indian dress) – one to wear, one to wash, and one for emergencies. She founded the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, the organization that helped countless people across the world. Mother Teresa received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

rosa parks


Rosa Parks: (1913-2005)
More commonly known as the “first lady of civil rights” or “the mother of the freedom movement”, Rosa Sparks was the one of the first African-American woman to fight for civil rights. She collaborated with other civil rights leaders such as Edgar Nixon and Martin Luther King Jr. to bring change in the society.

margaret sanger


Margaret Sanger: (1879-1966)
This women pioneer devoted her life to legalizing birth control. She challenged laws that criminalized birth control multiple times, in order to bring about a change in society. Her ambition was to make sure women no longer suffered from unwanted pregnancies.

indira gandhi


Indira Gandhi: (1917-1984)
She was the third Prime minister of India. Her role in shaping post-war India and its constitution has forever embedded her in history.

marie curie


Marie Curie: (1867-1934)
She was the first female professor at the University of Paris and she won Nobel Prizes in both Physics and Chemistry. She discovered the chemical element “polonium”. Her ground breaking discoveries in radioactivity are the building blocks of today’s chemotherapy.

Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and so many other women throughout history have made such crucial contributions to shaping the world. Women have been asking for equal rights for the better part of the last century and all along they never let the on-going discrimination stop them from doing such revolutionary things. The one thing that all these women have in common is their drive to go against the norm. It is because of their willpower and bravery that women today have more opportunities and options.

As we start our celebrations for Women’s History Month, let us take a moment to learn and appreciate those women that gave up so much so that womankind could see a better today. Let us also take a moment to appreciate the mothers who might not have done something newsworthy, but did a great job of raising the women the led the change. And, finally, let us take a moment to celebrate ourselves and the women we see around us every day because it is only us who can keep the power of women moving forward.

-Suaida Firoze



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