Great Minds: Leonardo da Vinci


This April 15th marks Leonardo Da Vinci’s 562nd birthday. This well-known jack of all trades is still to this day characterized as one of the humanity’s greatest geniuses in regard to his diverse work in the arts and sciences. Leonardo is well known for his artwork having created timeless treasures such as the Mona Lisa and Madonna of the Rocks – however he was also a well accomplished architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, writer, and inventor (too name only a few of his studies). Here are a couple of fun facts about this great man you might not have known about:

  • Leonardo Da Vinci was a vegetarian due to his love of animals! This was very unusual in the fifteenth century.
  • Leonardo would wear pink in order to make his complexion look fresh.
  • The majority of Leonardo’s work was either unfinished or destroyed- he was a very critical man.
  • Leo was an illegitimate son of Florentine notary and peasant- for this reason he never received a formal education. 
  • Leonardo never married or had children.
  • Da Vinci was fascinated with flight as evidenced by his many aerial inventions. He would often catch birds simply for the enjoyment of releasing them and watching them fly away.

We have come a long way since the Renaissance, but it is often argued that this period of time propelled humanity into its modern-technical age. Now, over 500 years later, I wonder when our next renaissance will ensue, who our next Leonardo will be, or if anyone will ever again make a mark on this world as he once did.  


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