That time of year: GALA 2014


GALA! Since its birth 12 years ago, every Clarkie has probably attended at least one International Gala during their four years at Clark. Gala, International Students Association’s flagship event, is probably the most-awaited event for many internationals at Clark. Halfway through February, choreographers start registering their countries and all of March just seems like a blur of rehearsals and preparations for both performers and ISA.

Gala just seems to get bigger and better each year and Gala 2014 was no exception! With over 30 countries representing themselves through dance, music and glamorous native costumes, Gala 2014 ended with a blast!


Japan, last year’s ending performance, kicked off the show this year while India closed the first half with its amazing Bhangra! With classical-fusion from Bangladesh, tango from Argentina, Persian influenced dances by Iran and an acapella performance by our very own Clark Bars the show was ended by the fabulous dance by Sri Lanka!

The theme for Gala 2014 was ‘share the moment’ and the show truly left some very beautiful moments that are now embedded in social media for as long as we have facebook and instagram. Dulara De Alwis’, who was one of the hosts, “first let me take a selfie” dialogue was probably one of the many highlights of the night.

Each year ISA, Gala volunteers and over three hundred performers get together and try to bring-to-life and celebrate Clark’s diversity. All the hard work devoted to make these performances absolutely perfect, pays off when you are on stage and you can hear applause take over the Kneller during and after each performance!


When I was asked to write about this year’s Gala, I was excited and yet out of words. How does one accurately describe something that is so empowering, so full of emotions and excitement? Gala for me isn’t just a three hour long show. It’s the pumped up aura surrounding Clark three weeks before Gala, the anxious hell week, that overwhelming minute filled with pride when you carry your flag across the stage at the end of the show! Gala for me, whether I am performing or not, is an amalgam of feelings. An expectation of the beautiful memories I will make that will stay with me for years to come. Gala 2014 met all those expectations and more, making people want to come back for more next year. And you know what? It just keeps getting better each year!

-Suaida Firoze



  1. “and an acapella performance by our very own Clark Bars the show was ended by the fabulous dance by Sri Lanka!”

    Oxford commas are really important 🙂 Seems like Clark Bars danced and sung for the country of Sri Lanka.

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