People Making a Difference: Blake Mycoskie

You’ve probably noticed the increasingly popular trendiness of TOMS footwear. Of a relatively simple design and make, it is not the design of the shoe that has made it popular, but rather the charity that comes from purchasing a pair of these shoes. TOMS has a “one for one” policy which stipulates however many pairs of shoes (and more recently, eyeglasses) you purchase from them, they will donate a separate pair to a person in need.
Their mission statement; “With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.” “One for One” perfectly describes their commitment to giving. The company’s founder and “Chief Shoe Giver,” Blake Mycoskie, was inspired in Argentina after witnessing the hardships of life without shoes. Deciding to take action, Blake created a for-profit and sustainable business which emphasizes giving back as its foremost goals. Since his stroke of genius, Blake has earned much recognition for his success and even written a book: Start Something That Matters.
So hats off to Blake! And little reminder- we all have the potential to make a difference as well!


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