Shop ‘Till You…Save the Rainforest?


Along with Global Warming, I would consider the deforestation of rainforests to be the most emphasized environmental tragedies of my generation. As a grade-schooler I remember feeling so much distress at how many trees were being chopped down and how many ecosystems were being destroyed. What was most frustrating was how little I could do about it. Even now, many years later, the prospects of “saving the rainforest” seems rather out of reach.  That, however, might be changing soon.

The Rainforest Alliance (RA) has finally found a way for people all over the world to lend a helping hand, or in this case helping dollar, towards saving the rainforest. In the Rainforest Alliance’s “shop the frog” program, consumers can now look out for goods marked with the Rainforest Alliance’s frog insignia. Any product marked with this frog is certified to have some of its sale profit go towards saving the rainforest. Cool idea right? People can now buy anything from guitars to tea, all the while saving the rainforest. Follow this link to see where you can shop the frog: .

We all know it is horrible to destroy a rainforest, but do we all know why it is so horrible? Here is a quick run-down that will send you sprinting to the supermarket.

Though rainforests only cover 2% of the Earth’s surface, they contain 50% of the Earth’s plants and animals. Despite this fact, nearly every second a football field sized chunk of the rainforest is destroyed for lumber. That’s 86,400 football fields a day, or 31 million football fields a year. On top of housing half of the world’s flora and fauna, rainforests have a key role in maintaining the earth’s supply of drinking water. Rainforests are also crucial in regulating the world’s temperatures and weather patterns.

Take home message: the rainforest matters. Spread the word, folks!


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