Wonders of the World

They say the Great Wall of China can be seen from space and the Taj Mahal can make the coldest of hearts melt. The mystery remains as to how men were able to make such giant structures with such little technology back in the days. These man-made beauties truly do make us wonder…

What are the ‘Seven wonders of the world’ and why are there only seven of them? Well, the original Seven Wonders of the World are classified as the most phenomenal man-made creations of the classical era. The classical era is thought to be period from the earliest recorded Greek poetry in the 8th century BC until the end collapse of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. It was the Grecians who compiled this first list, mostly based on their society’s most touristy attractions. They specifically chose seven wonders because the Greek believed the number ‘7’ to represent perfection and plenty.

Now that the list is based on online votes from all over the world, there are two lists: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and The New Seven Wonders of the World.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are:

top lefttop center

top right    7 wonders

center left center right

bottom left bottom right



The New Seven Wonders of the World:

machu picchu chichen itza

christ the redeemer 7 wonders

Coloseum taj mahal

great wall of china petra

Apart from their marvelous architectures, these wonders also have stories that go beyond ordinary. For example, the Taj Mahal was built under the orders of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He dedicated it to his deceased wife, Mumtaz. This white marble beauty was built over a span of 22 years. Another famous wonder, the Great Wall of China, is commonly believed to have been made at one go but was actually built by several dynasties. Each dynasty extended the wall in order to protect itself from the northern territories. It still remains the longest structure ever built by mankind.

New lists have formed following the first Seven Wonders of the World. They include: Wonders of the Natural World, Wonders of the Industrial World, etc. With every generation making their own lists and creating awareness about mankind’s achievements, we continue to preserve cultures of different parts of the world. While some of us try to unveil the mysteries of the past, a lot of us just remain awed by the beauty and precision of these man-made masterpieces.

-By Suaida Firoze







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