Worcester Pop-Up

Many hear about the variety of colleges in Worcester, the number of restaurants and the rich industrial history…but what about art? Unbeknownst to most, Worcester presents tremendous opportunity and support for artists and vendors to showcase their talents and expertise. The city is brimming with artistic and creative opportunity that only grows more fervently each year.

StART in the Street and Art in the Park are two of Worcester’s most successful public art functions. They encourage the people of Worcester (and nearby communities) to go out into the city and support the arts. This summer, another event has the potential of doing just that. What makes this new event so special is that, instead of occurring only once a year, the Worcester Pop-Up will occur every Thursday and Saturday between the 19th of June and August 30th. That’s double the art every week this summer!

Worcester Pop-Up is a program where artists and entrepreneurs can bring their creativity into the heart of Worcester through rotating art exhibitions, performances, music, food, and hands-on activities. Aside from the potential costs of preparation and promotion, taking part in Worcester Pop-Up is completely free! An interested artist or entrepreneur should contact Peter Dunn at dunnp@worcesterma.gov to become a part of this ongoing celebration of the arts. So far, the program’s most popular activities have been painting workshops (instructed by Sandra van der Geer and Jennifer Niles) and drumming workshops (hosted by Bob Bloom).

This program was brought to life by a number of local organizations such as the Worcester Cultural Coalition, the Bay State Savings Bank (located on Franklin Street), Destination Worcester and many more. Worcester Pop-Up is also meant to complement the “Worcester Filmworks Third Thursdays Movies”, and all of the other creative community activities that the city has to offer.

Though still a young project, the amount of support Worcester Pop-Up has received not only brings hope for the future of the program, but also serves as a reminder of what can happen when a community comes together.

Come drop by Worcester Pop-Up, located on 38 Franklin Street, Every Thursday and Saturday between June 19th and August 30th!

For more information check out Pop-Up’s up-to-date Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/worcesterpopup?fref=nf



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