Chuan Shabu: Chinese Hot Pot Comes to Worcester

The city of Worcester has steadily been gaining a reputation as a stronghold for cultural cuisine and fine dining. From Jamaican to Albanian, the city’s got a little taste of everything for a curious food connoisseur. Only last year, a new Chinese delicacy has been thrown into the healthy mix of Restaurants on Park Avenue—Chuan Shabu. Chuan Shabu, affectionately known simply as “Shabu,” specializes in “hot pot,” a sort of stew-fondue.

The idea behind hot pot is to utilize broth and a variety of vegetables and proteins to create a (usually) communal stew, traditionally cooked on a tabletop stove. One typically keeps the hot pot simmering as anything from cuttlefish dumplings to angus sirloin are added to the boiling broth.

Sister restaurant to BABA Sushi, Shabu stands to be owner Wilson Wang’s second successful business endeavor, and is conveniently located next door to Worcester’s hottest sushi bar. Wang has big plans to add patio seating between his two businesses, but preaches that the key to his businesses success is in quality of experience: “You give them quality food, good price, good service, and then they will come back.”

Shabu also features a full restaurant menu of Szechuan prepared dishes, known for the bold and spicy flavors of the Sichuan province located in Southwestern China. If you’re legal, you can visit their extensive bar and try one of their increasingly popular ‘Mai Tai’ or ‘Red Headed Panda’ drinks.

Though associated with BABA, Shabu presents a considerably more affordable cultural dining experience. Service is fast, knowledgeable, and a full meal can cost a customer as little as $10 with hot pot typically costing upwards of $15-20.

So if you’re looking for something other than your typical Chinese takeout, check out Chuan Shabu at 301 Park Ave—you’ll be happy you did!


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