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It’s that time of year again. Your horrible farmer’s tan is somewhat less noticeable, your fingers are weak and no longer used to writing notes for hours at a time—fall semester is here. For me this will be my fifth and final year at Clark and looking back, I can’t believe I’m that grad student saying, “four years really did go by fast.” But it did, and it was great. The horrors of 25 page papers and sleepless nights all seem much less significant and in retrospect are regarded much more warmly.

This morning I was seated at the last booth in Annie’s joined by some old suitemates. We talked about nothing really for a while, but then I abruptly asked “what do you wish you had known, four years ago, when we were the incoming freshmen?” This is what we came up with:

  • In regard to the meal plan, you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. As soon as you’re off the meal plan, you’ll start realizing how much cooking and cleaning up after yourself can be a hassle in the midst of a busy school year! Appreciate!
  • Make connections and take advantage of your professors. We have faculty members known well throughout the global academic community—get to know them!
  • Try to get off campus. Worcester has a lot to offer: hikes at Purgatory Chasm, rock climbing at Central Rock, getting a little lost in The Worcester Art Museum… (every Clark student has a discount).
  • The Sackler Science Library is a wonderful place for quiet study.
  • There are so many teams, organizations and clubs on campus…get involved!

Of course these suggestions might already be common sense to many of you already, but the point is: take advantage of what our school, and city, has to offer. I personally value my liberal arts degree because it allowed me the opportunity to explore a wide breadth of knowledge while still focusing on a career path. So remember, look up from your books every now and then, pursue even the faintest of interests, and best of luck this upcoming school year!

-Alexander Santos


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