American Angle: The War Against ISIL


On the eve of September 11th, President Obama addressed the American people on the world’s most violent terrorist organization as a reminder to the nation that his highest priority as Commander in Chief is the security of the American people. The ISIL is an extremist jihadist organization (known for their ways in brutality and violence) that considers itself an Islamic State—one with a vehement distaste for America.

Obama was quick to discredit ISIL as an Islamic State under the logic that they are not recognized by any government or the people they subjugate, and “no religion condones the killing of innocents”. Though the U.S. has yet to detect a specific plot against the nation, the publicly broadcasted executions of American Journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff served as the kindling for what Obama described as the U.S.A’s ”broad coalition” against ISIL. The Chief explained his four-part plan:

  1. Air strikes (rather than ground attacks) against specific ISIL targets, even in Syrian and Iraqi territory.
  2. Supporting native Iraqi and Syrian resistance against ISIL.
  3. Capitalizing on counter-terrorist capabilities such as fund freezing, intelligence initiatives and a highly anticipated meeting of the United Nations Security Council.
  4. Continued humanitarian efforts towards the affected groups fighting for their homeland, such as the Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

It’s clear that the United States is prepared to lead the charge against ISIL, but the global contempt for the terror organization has also been staggering. Amongst the most vocal groups in opposition is the global Islamic community, who wishes to make clear that ISIL is “not the voice of Islam.”

Although ISIL has brought great suffering to the Levant region, we should use it as a reminder of how extremist ideology should not be broadly associated to other social groups and how every community can be affected differently.

-Alex Santos

For the full presidential address:

What is the difference between ISIS and ISIL?

ISIS: Islamic State of Israel and Syria

ISIL: Islamic State in Levant

The acronym ISIS specifically denotes the terrorist organization’s presence in Syria and Iraq. The acronym made popular by President Obama during Wednesday’s address, ISIL, is indicative of the same terrorist organization and their manifestation in the Levant Region. The Levant Region refers to Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Cyprus, Hatay, Turkey, Egypt, Sinai and Iraq.


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