Mela Masala


Summer is gone and autumn has begun! Clarkies all around are beginning to switch into their tanks and shorts to warm tights and cozy fall sweaters. As autumn started settling in with its chilly mornings, the South Asian Students Association (SASA) bid summer farewell last week with its first event of the year—Mela Masala!Untitled3

For my non-South Asian friends who might not know, the word ‘Mela’ means ‘Fairs’ or ‘Carnivals’ in many dominant languages in the region of South Asia. I remember being the excited kid who bugged her parents to take her to ‘melas’ that happened in the spring in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Melas in the U.S. and back home are actually not that different from each other. If you replace the fried dough and cotton candy with sour ‘Chotpoti’ (spicy-sweet-sour dish made from boiled chickpeas) and Samosas, it’s almost the same thing.

Mela Masala has definitely been an integral part of my Clark experience since my first year. This year was no different. The sun was shining high and bright with just the right amount (and temperature of course!) of breeze flowing through the Green. The SASA executive board reports that this was definitely one of their most successful Mela Masalas with over 200 attendees! Everyone enjoyed the delicious Samosas, Pakoras and Chicken tikka kababs catered by our local New House of India. While the food line kept getting longer, the henna station was not that far behind. Dozens of people came in to get themselves some cool henna tattoos. Some very talented Clarkies even joined in as artists!


Last but not the least, the Hookah station was definitely the centre of attention for this year’s South Asian Carnival. Clarkies all around had joined in to party with SASA as they slowly huddled down on the green in front of all the stations.

Kudos to SASA for pulling off a very fabulous Mela Masala! I hope everyone who went to the event enjoyed it. Personally I can’t wait to plan and attend their next event of the year.

Untitlaed Untitleda

Suaida Firoze


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