My Most Memorable Classes at Clark

Confused about what class to take? Don’t know an interesting class that would also fulfill a perspective? Or you just want a good class? You’ve clicked on the right link! Listed below are some of the classes that we’ve come up with that could become your most memorable classes as well!

MPA 3590: Global Health

My most memorable class happens to be one that I am currently enrolled in. I’m not sure if MPA 3590: Global Health should then qualify as “most memorable”, but it is most certainly going to be one of those classes I will never forget. Global health, simply put as the health of populations in a global context, happens to be far more involved than it’s general definition. When you are looking at the “health” of an entire planet there are so many variables to consider between the seven continents, 195 countries and thousands of cultures. As an epidemiologist, Dr. Kathee Jordan is an authority on the dizzying task of examining global health, and her well-rounded knowledge base and experience is reflected in the classroom. Course content and qualifications aside, Dr. Jordan compliments MPA 3590 with air professionalism and passion every time she takes the podium. Jordan also manages to find that temperamental balance between discussions and lectures, turning every class into a dynamic and rewarding experience. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the public health sector or to those who cannot bear to endure another lethargic lecturer.
Alex Santos (BA ‘14, MPA ‘15)

Local Action/Global Change by Professor Anita Fabos

My most memorable class was Local Action/Global Change taught by Professor Anita Fabos in the IDCE Department. Although the theme of the course changes, it is always arranged to combine literature and traditional academic study with community engagement. When I took the course my first year at Clark the theme was Refugees in Worcester. We studied exile, the plight of refugees, refugee rights and the 1951 Convention, and resettlement. Then, we got to actually go out into the community and have interviews with the amazing people who are working with refugees all over the city. Refugee studies really stuck with me and mobilized me to keep up that work. Because of that class, I created a campus club centered around refugees, have engaged in further studies, had an internship with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and have been working with refugees myself now for four years! If you’re interested in refugee studies, Professor Fabos is teaching an exciting participatory research studio this spring focused on refugee integration in Worcester and best practices with community partners & practitioners (ID224 People on the Move Research Studio). If you’re not interested in refugees, I highly recommend that you find any other class that allows for you to engage actively in the community–get involved!
Danielle Strandson (BA in IDSC ‘14, MA in CDP ‘15)

There are so many memorable classes that I took at Clark! Although some of them may not be offered anymore, I would suggest anything with Professor Sarkis, Professor Fabos or Professor Caron.
Anonymous (BA in IDSC ‘15)

ARTS 101: Myth & Symbol/Mixed Media

If you’re looking to fulfill an AP, try Myth & Symbol/Mixed Media (ARTS 101) with Valerie Claff. For this art class you don’t need any incredible drawing, painting or photography skills. Valerie is really open to each student exploring different materials in order to complete the projects. As long as you really put effort into your work and try, you will do well–it’s not about creating masterpieces but just about creating. I’ve seen a lot of students take an art history course like Stone Age to Our Age for their AP without any interest or background in art and found it very difficult. That class can be intense for someone just looking to fulfill their AP so I wouldn’t suggest it unless you need it for your major. Myth & Symbol will allow you to be creative, express yourself, and have a nice change of pace during the school day. Who knows, it might turn you into an art major like it did to me!
Anonymous (BA in Studio Art ‘14)

Geog052: Global Change, Regional Challenges

This class was a breath of fresh air for me. I am an Economics and Management double major, so I can’t really say this was all that different from what I was usually learning in Economics. However, I took this class for my Global Perspective and it lived up to its perspective requirement. What I loved about the class was the fact that Professor Sphar covered the entire world (broken into regions) within the entire semester and it was very interesting. He even talked about the controversies/information about the media and asked us to use our own judgment to decide what made sense and what was right. The discussion sessions were quite interesting and I came out of each class knowing something more about the world. You will learn a lot in this class!
Suaida Firoze

Astr 002: Astronomy

I contemplated quite a lot before I took this class. I took this for my science perspective because I thought it would be nice to be standing under a clear sky and being able to name the stars. That did end up happening actually! Of course, I can’t name all the stars you might point out, but I can confidently name a lot more than I could before I took this class. The materials presented by Professor Charles Agosta were extremely interesting. From the moon to meteorites to black holes…we learned about them all! Going up to the observatory on the top of the Biophysics building was fun but it was also really really cold. Since I took this class during the spring, I had to wait until around April to actually enjoy observations. Nonetheless it was all worth it!
Suaida Firoze

Mgmt 170: Managerial Communications

I recommend everyone, especially non-management majors to take this class at some point during their time at Clark. This class teaches you how to present, draft professional emails/memos, make a proper resume/cover letter, give speeches, do’s and don’ts of interviews and so many other valuable skills! Professor Kenary is a very practical and fun professor. Her years of work experience make this class extremely knowledgeable and useful.
Suaida Firoze

I hope this helps some of you with your dilemmas about classes during the registration season. Keep checking back as we update this list with more classes. If there is a class you would like us to mention here, please e-mail us at and we will put it up here so your fellow peers can know about it as well. Happy registration y’all!


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