Watches Make a Comeback

smartwatch-comparison-guideI’ve said it myself: “why would I need to wear a watch?”

Since I was 16 I’ve been carrying around a cellphone that tells time just as (if not more) reliably than a wristwatch. Now with the majority of us sporting smartphones, we’re even more attached to our phones, and there is an even less need for wristwatches. But as these smartphones keep shrinking and as consumers’ desire for convenience and innovation peaks, wristwatches might be making a comeback.

By now you have probably heard the term “smartwatch” before; this is just a broad umbrella term for watches that can simply do more than tell time. On the market now we have smartwatches that can track your physical activity, tell you your heart rate, your geographic location and altitude… it’s really amazing.

A U.S. survey found that people between the ages of 16 and 34 tell time by looking at their cellphones. Now cellphones and watches might start becoming paired and, perhaps in the future, inseparable. There are already several models of smartwatches that have the ability to connect to most smartphone platforms, but now Samsung and Apple (the two leading cellphone providers in the U.S.) are attempting to extend their market domination to the smartwatch industry as well.

Samsung’s release of their “S-Gear” is not novel news. It’s had glitches, and its uses and applications are limited. Apple has upped the ante and now created a watch that will communicate elegantly with its counterpart. The new Apple watch will also offer thousands of smartwatch applications that the particular model could work with.

What I find more interesting than any new gadget is how these new smartwatches will affect our daily lives. Just consider how much smartphones have changed the way of our culture. I was riding the T in Boston the other day and nearly everyone was on some sort of smartphone. Several had their eyes glued to their tablets! When that same sort of technology is no longer in our pockets, but on our wrists, we’re never going to be disconnected! You won’t miss a call and you won’t miss a notification or message. Your watch will be your calendar, your GPS, your Internet browser; the prospects are incredible.

-Alexander Santos


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