Event Recap: Hop on a ride to MarketSquare

Clark’s Entrepreneurship Club (CEC) is known to do really cool things. However, last Thursday they outdid their own standards. CEC’s very own MarketSquare was a makeshift market in the Grind where Clarkies came together to sell their own products and services.


While doing Henna tattoos to the many customers that came by, I could feel the laid-back chilled vibe from all the cool things people around me were doing. There were Clarkies who sold macaroons, others who had just opened up a mini nail salon and this one Clarkie even brought down his clothing line. During those brief moments when I looked up from my own henna art service, I could see all the diversity that surrounded me. AND IT FELT AMAZING!

Most of us came there with our entrepreneurial spirit but we had no idea how successful it really was going to be. I personally just wanted to showcase my culture and food—making money was a secondary agenda I hadn’t given much thought to. But to my surprise, the experience was quite empowering and inspiring. Not only did I get to share my Bengali culture with so many new people, I also got to make a high profit through my products and services.

image copyimage-2

All around me I could see entrepreneurs-in-the-making. Some of us even shared our contact information so potential customers could contact us outside MarketSquare. And almost all the products and services were such high-quality; customer loyalty wasn’t going to be far off.

It was truly humbling to see so many talented Clarkies come together and showcase what they were passionate about. And all I could think of the entire time was “Why doesn’t this happen more often?” Hats off to CEC for pulling off such a great event—an experience that will stay with me throughout my time at Clark. I personally hope this can happen more than just once a year and it expands so that Clark and Worcester residents can come be a part of all the cool things Clarkies are doing. Kudos to Clark Entrepreneurs and a huge shout out to Clark Entrepreneurship Club for giving us this incredible opportunity.

-Suaida Firoze

*Photos by Duong Le


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