Frameworks: Science and Perceived Truth

What is truth? Is there such a thing as absolute truth or is our whole reality a set of perceived truths packaged by each individual? If you have never entertained this question for yourself, please stop reading this and spend some time teasing it out. It is a question thick with potential intricacy or incredible simplicity.

In the past few years, I’ve been contemplating this in great detail. As a student of science, I have been taught for so very long to trust and use the scientific method and process as an accurate framework through which to view happenings on our planet. We quantify, measure, and name the world around us and, through this, create a lens to view the world. It wasn’t until very recently that I heard instructors and classmates begin to mention the word ‘belief’ when discussing science. It is most often presented

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as fact instead of a belief system. We are told that science doesn’t claim to be proof of anything or claim absolute truths but it is most definitely treated as though it does by society. Therefore, it holds incredible power. Unlike many other belief systems, the scientific community prides itself in the questioning of results and methodologies making it seem as though we are entirely self-critical. However, we do not question the principles that these methodologies and ideas behind THE scientific method or the idea that quantification is the most accurate way to represent all observable phenomena in our world.

Science is one of the frameworks to view the world that I almost entirely subscribe to, but it cannot be taken as absolute truth. The way I view this world may be filled with fancy numbers and techniques and Latin names, but it is in no way more or less valid than any other way of viewing our world. Our problems arise when we forget to respect each other or to try to understand the places other people are coming from.
Please share your thoughts on science, belief systems, or truth with us!



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