Food Refuge

This is my fourth year as an international student in the USA, and for an Indian vegetarian foodie like me, first year of college meant a drastic change of habitat. It was culture shock on another level. In the first month of freshman year itself, I had exhausted all options of good food available to me. I was out of options.

I feel that most of the students on campus, international or otherwise, initially go through this struggle to find good affordable food. So, I reached out to the international community on campus asking about some of the good restaurants around campus that they like to go when they’re missing home or just want a change of scene. Here is a list of places that they suggested.

1) Bocado: Tapas and wine bar. They also have salsa nights every Thursday.

Boba shake at Pho Dakao on Park Ave.
Boba drinks at Pho Dakao on Park Ave.

2) Ya Mon:  Jamaican Jerk Hut. Ashleigh, a first year international students, says, “the food is rich and spicy and almost hearty like home food. Also the atmosphere reminds you of home, watching someone cook while you dance or just hang out with friends”

3) Pho Dakao & Soc Trang: Vietnamese

4) Sahara: Middle Eastern. Do try their stuffed grape leaves, Labne and Kibbi.

5) Bahnan: International Market, Bakery and Café. “Their Shawarma is amazing” – Turku Hasturk (Clark U ’17).

6) The Sole Proprietor: New England Seafood

7) Chuan Shabhu: Chinese hot pot. It’s a bit on the expensive side, yet worth it. Try their Taro tea.

8) Roti Boti: Pakistani. Asad, another first year student, says “ It is halal so for any of my fellow Muslims concerned with that, it’s a great option. The chicken biryani and chicken masala dishes are pretty good”

9) Hacienda Don Juan: Salvadorian & Mexican. Do try the granadilla juice and papusas, it’s a great place for vegetarian.

10) Saigon: Vietnamese. Great place if you’re on a budget, the service is super fast as well.

Hacienda Don Juan is right on Main Street, just a short walk away from campus.
Hacienda Don Juan is right on Main Street, just a short walk away from campus.

11) Crown Fried Chicken: Fast food. This place really popular amongst chicken lovers.

12) Sake Bomb: Japanese. It’s cheap after 10:30pm.

13) Red Pepper: Authentic Chinese

14) Basil & Spice: Thai. It’s a bit far on shrewsbury, but you can just split a cab with some friends and it turns out to be pretty cheap.

15) Hien Vong: Vietnamese. Raga, a senior from Indonesia, claims that this place has the best Pho in town, no questions asked.

16) Pampas Churrascaria: Brazilian Steak house. It’s inexpensive, you get all you can eat steak!

It’s a common mistake for first year students to think that Worcester doesn’t have much to offer. But clearly that is not the case, and this city is full of affordable international food options. So the next time you feel like you’re tired of the cafeteria food, you might want to call escort, there are plenty of places to be dropped off at.

– Radhika   


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