Lunar New Year 2016


P1130983 (1)
ACS E-board members welcome the guests.

The Asian Culture Society hosted its annual event, the Lunar New Year celebration, the past Saturday. Students from all sorts of cultures gathered under Tilton’s draped ceilings for an evening of delicious food, good music, and pleasant company.


The event started with a speech from the President, Cisco Borges. With an easy smile and a friendly voice, he told the story behind the Lunar New Year and spoke of love and happiness. He then welcomed a group of Worcester youth who danced the lion dance. After the two lions bounced around the room for a while and granted us good fortune, students’ performances followed.

Singer Gillian Yuan shared the love with Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”.

Other performances included an anime medley compiled by “Tee” Teerawat, a diabolo show from President Cisco himself, and some singles from 3 Piece Meal – whose debut album will be released this week!

P1130991 (1)
Farah Weannara reads some of the new year wishes tied to the wishing tree. 


We all then competed to answer trivia questions about Asian traditions. Each table did its best to get to the food first. The energy and brain power were well spent, as the MC proceeded later to point out that many asked her where ACS had ordered this delicious food from. Dragon Dynasty will most likely be seeing an increase in its college student orders now!

A dragon hangs down Higgins University Center.

The evening ended with dancing and photo taking. I stayed at the Photo Booth as a volunteer photographer, but it was lovely seeing individuals from everywhere gather together to celebrate an Asian tradition in the other side of the world. A home away from home was created, and hearts were warmed amidst the cold winter.

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(All photos taken by the author) 


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