Job vs. Career: Choose your passion

Do you think that job and career are conceptually the same?  If yes, then let me tell you the difference.

We all do short term and part time jobs in our life to earn money. Also we do jobs to get monetary stability. But can we call our job as our Career? Well, let’s figure out what career means.

A job is something that gives us extra income and helps us to pay our bills. It gives us some learning for sure and might give us success as well. It has stability in terms of income and the work. The job may be short term or long term depending on the way you enjoy it.

On the other hand, career is something which helps us to progress towards a long term goal. A career always starts with a job first, then it becomes a process that builds over time. A career may not start paying us in the initial stages but will pay us in terms of satisfaction and skills. It might not give us immediate success, but the risk is worth taking for achieving our personal aspiration. It is built on the pillars of skills and learning.

If life is a game then a job is winning one round to boost our enthusiasm, but career is winning the entire battle.

Money is one important aspect which is a parameter for success, but money is also very much about personal happiness. It is about how you want to develop yourself and where you want to see yourself some years down the line.


This picture explains it all. You need to ask yourself some questions.

 Are you working a job? Are you satisfied and happy with your job? Is that what drives your enthusiasm or you are doing it for the sake of paychecks?

Your satisfaction will be impacted by how closely the many roles you assume match your values, interests, personality traits and skills.

Do you want to keep doing what you are doing right now for your entire life? If it’s your passion, then yes, you are in your dream job which is also the building block for your career. If not, the dream job is what you need .

Do you have the courage and passion to become the CEO of your own destiny? If yes, then choose your passion. Don’t compromise on your dreams for money. Make a move to choose between your job or career, as the choices you make now will affect your future.

I started my career with the IT industry as a programmer. The job was not in line with my best interests. I was keen to do something I am good at; a job which would make use of my talent and give me a feeling of satisfaction.

I started working for a consulting firm where I got a chance to interact directly with my clients across the globe. A combination of good communication skills with knowledge of the subject worked in my favor, and soon after I was travelling in different parts of the world meeting my clients, conducting business meetings. Things were going the way I wanted. But still, I wanted to enhance my skills and knowledge in order to excel in what I do. So here I am at Clark University, pursuing my masters in IT to achieve the goal of excellence. I had the courage of walking the extra mile and quitting a high paying job back in India.

You need to walk that extra mile too if you wish to chase your passion and dreams..!!

Identify your passion and the fire in your heart that will keep you going towards the beautiful journey of success, with your determination and hard work acting as the key ingredients to it.



*Note from the editor: Naman is a first year graduate student and this was his first article as a blogger for The Things That Matter. Welcome to the crew, Naman! 🙂

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  1. Great post, so true! Those 3 circles are a great way to ask some deeper questions about if what we are doing is really benefiting us in the long run. Thanks for sharing and all the best!

  2. Thank you so much Steven. I am glad you liked it.
    Keep watching this space for more such articles and your comments are always welcome 🙂

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