6 Ways to Reduce Commuter Stress

Commuting has been found to be one of life’s least enjoyable activities and has been labeled “the stress that doesn’t pay”. Longer commutes are systematically associated with lower rates of well-being. As the summer approaches, many of you will be commuting to work, internships, and volunteer opportunities. And therefore, here’s an illustrated article on ways to reduce the commuting stress!

  • It is important to relax and try to be one with nature during travelling. Try to feel the wind and generate positive thoughts.

C 1.jpg

  • Switching off mobile devices and just spending time with yourself will do you loads of good! It’ll allow you to gather positive energy, plan your day and reflect on life.

C 2.jpg

  • Commutes can be productive too. Just bring your planner so you can go over meeting points, figure out what you’ll cook for dinner or make a shopping list! Those 10-20 minutes you get while commuting can serve as a good break where you can gather your thoughts.

C 3.jpg

  • A lot of us are sleeping with open eyes during commuting! While being immersed in thoughts is acceptable, it is also necessary to pay attention to your body. Feel the rhythm of the moving vehicle, the sounds, sight and smells around you. Being more aware of your surroundings will make you feel alive.

C 4.jpg

  • Everyone is late once in a while, but there’s always a great way to cover it up. Your co-workers will neglect your slip-up if you are already to throw yourself into work as soon as you reach the workplace. Instead of being frazzled, take control of the situation and show leadership!

C 5.jpg

  • Sometimes, people travelling with you might cause troubles. Crying babies, loud music, and too much talking or just bad vibes. The reasons could be anything, but remember to be polite because you don’t want to start your day on a bad note.

C 6.jpg

Thus, by taking a mindful approach to commuting, you’ll learn how to deal with stress effectively. It’ll provide you with a smooth and stress-free time, all to yourself, where you can grow as an individual.

Hope you found this article insightful!


Source for all images: Auto Insurance Center


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