The Crew

Michino Hisabayashi

Michino, our fearless leader, is a fifth year student in Geographic Information Science (GIS). This worldly woman has lived in all over the world, from Hong Kong to Thailand, Bangladesh to Japan and now in Worcester. Not only is she a long distance traveler and committed student, Michino finds the time to run marathons and enjoy all sorts of cuisines.

Demet Senturk  

Demet is a Junior at Clark, majoring in Studio Arts and minoring in Political Science. She loves going to her weekly chess club activities and play basketball to get away from the stress. She plans to be a photojournalist who would travel the world to learn about new cultures and their dilemmas and show it society through her photos.
Medha Monjaury Medha-2
Medha is an Economics major and Political Science minor, and Vice President of the Clark University Ballroom Team and Club. When she’s not running between classes and meetings, indulging her inner dancer at ballroom competitions, or marketing antiques as an intern for Habitat for Humanity, she can be found curled up in her room reading any form of fiction she can get her hands on. Word of advice: don’t ask her about Marvel movies or DC comics if you ever want to leave.

Pooja Patel   pooja patel

Hailing from the distant lands of England and Zimbabwe, Clark Junior, R.A. Pooja Patel, is an avid fan of tea drinking, and the sun. In addition to undertaking her major in Psychology, and minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, she holds an editorial position at The Scarlet, Clark’s Student Newspaper. Always up for a conversation, she’ll readily chat with you about her passions for music, travel and nature.

Suaida Firoze  

Suaida is a sophomore, double-majoring in Economics and Management here at Clark. This Bangladeshi can often be found cooking her favorite South Asian dish or giving a campus tour for Clark Admissions. She recently conducted a project with victims of sexual and domestic violence in Bangladesh, funded by Clark’s Steinbrecher Fellowship.She loves experiencing all the cultural diversity in Worcester and loves showing people around. Along with her keen interests concerning human rights issues, Suaida also is a huge fan of American TV shows and hollywood’s latest movies.

Annalise Kukor  my profile me

Clark 5th year, Annalise Kukor, is an Environmental Science major. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Annalise is very interested in international education. She also enjoys hiking mountains in New England… ask her about her adventures on Mount Monadnock and many others.

Radhika Sharma   radhika bio

Clark sophomore, Radhika Sharma loves to write – but wait, there’s more…..  this R.A., who hails from New Delhi, India is also the International Student Rep on Student Council.  Ask Radhika, a trained classical Indian singer for her favorite places to eat – when in India, she loves to eat Italian and when in Worcester, you can find her at one of the many great Indian restaurants here in Worcester.

Themal Ellawala 10257671_10152146011493002_2018273721149955323_n

Themal is never in one place for too long. Forever out of breath, it is fairly typical to see this Sri Lankan running between his classes in Psychology, Theater and History, his jobs as an RA and a student worker at the Admissions Office, and the research he is involved in at the Psychology Department. What little free time he has is devoted to reading, writing, and irresponsible amounts of eating.

Patty Doherty  

Monday through Friday Patty advises all Clark international graduate students on immigration matters.  You can catch her 24/7 on e-mail except when she is paddling on Lake Quinsigamond, bicycling along the Narragansett Bay, or making tracks down to Brooklyn.  If you have lots of time, ask her about her Fulbright experience – better yet, ask her about her kids, their pets…

Veda Genkos  

Veda is our SEVIS coordinator.  If you want the scoop on restaurants in Worcester, talk to Veda, our Worcester native and resident local dining expert!  A skilled multi-tasker, if not cooking up a storm you can usually find her cheering on each of her three children at their many sporting events.  Lacrosse, basketball, softball, field hockey…need I say more? sVeda learned her organizational skills early – she is one of six sisters and their names all begin with the letter “V”.   It might be hard to believe that Veda takes time to slow down but she does relax when spending time up in Maine or playing backgammon.

Jessica Pelland  

If you are looking for Jessi, you can find her fielding phone calls at the front desk of the OIA or making photocopies of student documents.  A brand new homeowner, Jessi, is eager to set up some bird feeders in her backyard and get her new garden in order.  Right now, Jessi, her husband and their two mischievous but very cute kittens are surrounded by boxes in their new abode.   Jess pays it forward – she speaks at events on behalf of the American Heart Association.


One comment

  1. My name is William Moore, and I work for the United Nations Millennium Campaign– specifically on a project called MY World, which is the first ever UN citizen survey (

    My colleague and I are currently traveling to 15 countries for a photo-narrative project called Humans of MY World:

    The project is similar to Humans of New York, except the focus is on people’s global development priorities–their specific priorities for a better world.

    I really enjoyed your article on other “Humans of” pages, and thought you might be interested in doing a piece on our project.

    If you are interested, I’d be happy to send you any other info or material that you might need.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    William Moore
    Chief Storyteller, United Nations Millennium Campaign

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